Selling property: First Impressions Matter!

Summary:   Prepare your home for sale by doing simple things that make it look clean, spacious warm and inviting.  First impressions of buyers are important – you want them to fall in love with your place.

So, you are thinking of selling your home / apartment. How do you prepare it for sale?  Just think for a moment like a buyer.  Put yourself in their position.  What will appeal to you?  What will make you choose this apartment over the others for sale in the same building?

Here is our tip: Buying a property is an emotional decision.  A buyer will buy and be prepared to pay top dollar because they fall in love with your place.  They feel good when they walk in the door.  They imagine happy futures for them and their family in this place.

You can affect their feelings by how your home is presented. As they walk in the door, you want them to feel the beauty, to enjoy the simplicity, to smell the nice aromas, to appreciate the spaciousness created by the uncluttered look of the place.

Here’s a few ideas:

  • Pack up all the extra items from the tables and benches
  • Hide your clothes and washing
  • Turn on the lights, make the place bright
  • Make all the beds and put fresh towels in the bathroom
  • Try some fresh flowers, make your home smell nice

We at Ozindo have experience in helping people to get the best from their home.  We specialise in delivering good value in your sale.  Have a chat with us about how we can work together to get you a great outcome.

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