Three Keys to Success in Study Overseas

Three Keys to Success in Study Overseas

Summary:  Prof Brett from Australia gives 3 keys to success: choose your course wisely, Settle well into your new home, find a group of peers who will help you say motivated for study.

Thinking about University study in Australia?  What an exciting opportunity to invest for the future.  What advice would Prof Brett give for you to succeed?  Here’s three simple tips:

  1. Choose your course wisely

In a nutshell, choose an area of study you are interested in.  Choose a course within your abilities, choose the university with the best reputation.

  1. Settle well into your new home

Moving to a new country is scary, with many unknowns. A little extra time and money spent getting settled in a stable home in a convenient location will make all the difference.

  1. Find a group of friends who will motivate you to study hard

Study is tough.  There are times when you will be tired, confused or feeling lost.  Better than a great teacher is a good group of friends who will help you stay on track.

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